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Welcome to Adapt-action, a tool to help Alberta municipalities adapt to a changing climate regime by taking action to become more resilient communities.

Adapt-action guides you through a series of climate change issue that might be affecting you. Each one is outlined from the environmental changes you will see, to the implications for your community, through to the strategies you can employ to adapt and become more climate resilient. As you navigate through each issue narrative, you will be able to view and collect information about:

  • Predicted climate change impacts and their effects;
  • Implications of these impacts to agriculture, health, recreation, infrastructure and biodiversity in your community; and
  • What your municipality can do to prepare and adapt to these expected changes.

The Adapt-action tool was created by the Miistakis Institute as part of the Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation project, which was led by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, and conducted in partnership with the University of Alberta and the University of Saskatchewan.

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The Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation project was made possible through the support of the Climate Change Emissions and Management Corporation.

Research and development of the Adapt-action site was undertaken as part of the Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation project.